World Famous Gourmet Sauce

Mama Scott’s “BBQ Expert” Gift 4 Pack(16 oz)

Mama Scott's "BBQ Expert" Gift 4 Pack(16 oz)
model number 0007
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This 4 pack of 16 oz jars of Mama Scott's Gourmet Sauce is made just for you to enjoy.
  • Mama Scott's Apple BBQ Sauce
  • Mama Scott's Hot Apple BBQ Sauce
  • Mama Scott's Mild BBQ Sauce
  • Mama Scott's Hot BBQ Sauce

  • Great taste is guaranteed when you round up your friends and fire up that BBQ grill with Mama Scott's Award-Winning Barbeque Sauce that will make the best out of your favorite cut of meat, be it beef, pork or chicken. Mama Scott's Steak Sauce is also a healthy alternative to other condiments and sauces. Check out our nutritional information sheet. Mama Scott's Sauce doesn't have much fat, salt or cholesterol. And it doesn't add many calories.
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