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16 oz Mama Scott’s X Picante Sauce (Extra HOT)

16 oz Mama Scott's X Picante Sauce (Extra HOT)
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This 16 oz jar of Mama Scott's X Picante (HOT) Sauce is made just for you to enjoy. Mama Scott's Award-Winning Steak Sauce will make the best out of today's leaner cuts of steak and beef, and replace the flavor that's missing in those cuts. In another words, it will enhance the taste of your steak, NOT cover it up. Great taste is guaranteed when you round up your friends and fire up that BBQ grill with Mama Scott's Award-Winning Barbeque Sauce that will make the best out of your favorite cut of meat, be it beef, pork or chicken. Mama Scott's Hot Sauce is also a healthy alternative to other condiments and sauces. Check out our nutritional information sheet. Mama Scott's Sauce doesn't have much fat, salt or cholesterol. And it doesn't add many calories.
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