World Famous Gourmet Sauce


mama-01Mama Scott has a philosophy about how she developed the gourmet sauces that are loved by people throughout the nation. What is her secret for the hot sauce that is a leader in the world of gourmet sauces?   She shares. “I have always depended on three things when I make my sauce: First, Best ingredients, must be fresh, pure and original. Second, I use my recipes that have been handed down.  Third, I love hearing back from my satisfied customers”

Mama Scott first shared her hot sauce at the Ranch House on Panama City Beach in Florida; Dover, Delaware, and then moved to Tacoma Washington where she opened up her own restaurant with  her son called “Mama’s BBQ”.

Mama Scott’s Gourmet Sauce Company was started in (June 1994) in response to the demand for the original hot sauce and the five more flavors have been developed (Apple, Mild, Hot apple, Hot, X and  XX Picante) which are Extra Hot and Extra  Extra Hot.

In 2010, Mama Scott passed the leadership of Scott’s Gourmet Sauce Company to her son Tommy Scott and his wife, Veresta, who is the Production Manager. The company continues to operate under Mama Scott’s clear directions for the hot sauce; traditional family recipes, fresh ingredients, and always striving to have returning satisfied customers.
                                                             Mama Scott